Solar & Storage

Solar & Storage

You’ll Save Money from Day One. Period.

It’s an undeniable fact. And it’s with us to stay – A properly designed Photovoltaic (PV) solar system is now cheaper than paying SDG&E. And no matter how you choose to get into it, you win. Most homeowners who choose to go solar will see either a very respectful 7 to 8-year return-on-investment when paying cash, or a 40-50% reduction in their monthly payment when financed, compared to their regular electric bill, which is now almost entirely done away with. This factors in the current 30% Federal solar investment tax credit that reduces the entire installed cost of the system by a massive 30% for most owners.

PV solar will empower you to take more control over over your energy consumption and to live greener, while putting equity into your home – instead of money into SDG&E’s pocket.

A Beautiful Partnership

We Build & Enphase join forces.

We Build San Diego and Enphase
Enphase Ensemble Install Video:

The All-in-One Smart Energy System


We started with safety when we designed Enphase storage. You won’t find dangerous, high voltage electricity in our batteries. That’s because we selected the safest residential battery chemistry available, since that’s what we’d want in our homes.

Enphase batteries vs other batteries
Enphase house safety diagram


Start small, go big, or grow over time – with Enphase storage, you’re in control of your energy, and that’s a powerful thing. Whether you want to manage your entire system from a single app or leave it on auto-pilot using Storm Guard, the power is in your hands.

A flexible design that grows with you
A flexible design that grows with you
Protected by Storm Guard
Storm GuardStorm Guard automatically prioritizes the storage of energy when severe storms are detected that have the potential to leave you without power.
    A single app for everything
A single app for everything
Over-the-Air Upgrades and Updates
Over the air upgrades and updates


Collectively, our products undergo one million hours of reliability testing, but we didn’t stop there. We’ve designed a fail-safe system. In the unlikely event of a microinverter failure, the remaining microinverters keep the backup power safely running. It’s like a backup for your backup.

What if an inverter fails?
Enphase Inverter comparison
Enphase inverter models
Third-generation storage technology
With tens of thousands of storage units installed since 2016, and third-generation technology, we know what it takes to do storage right.

No moving parts that can break over time
When the grid fails, we want to make sure you’re ready. That’s why we designed a battery without moving parts. One less thing that can break.

Over one million solar installations
We’ve been perfecting safe, powerful and reliable microinverter technology for more than 14 years on over one million rooftops.

Over 200,000 People in San Diego County Have Chosen to Go Solar.

-San Diego Gas & Electric

Over 200,000 People in San Diego County Have Chosen to Go Solar.

-San Diego Gas & Electric

And, As If That Wasn’t Enough…

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

  • All of our PV products are high quality, time-tested, and guaranteed.
  • Our installation procedures are “best of” in the industry.
  • Our installation teams are highly trained, professional, and held to the highest standards.
  • You will have virtually no maintenance. In most cases rain is enough to clean off dust and debris.
  • We are proud of the extremely low failure rates in our panels and inverters – the two main parts of the system.
  • Up to 25-year manufacturer warranties are available on our panels and inverters adding even more piece of mind.
  • Our systems run in the background, while continuously saving you money. You do virtually nothing.

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Be sure to ask us about energy rebates on certain energy compliant systems.

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