The Power of 10

Ten Years of Building More than Houses

We Build San Diego is much more than just our name. It’s a mission, a description, a promise; it’s our character. We’ve spent the last 10 years proving it, earning it, and refining it.

The customers we work for, the suppliers we work with, and the communities we work in will all testify to this fact. We Build San Diego is in the business of building, sure, but more importantly and with a much more profound and rippling effect, we’ve been hard at work building higher quality homes, tighter families, stronger communities, and ultimately a better San Diego.

So, what’s next? Simply put – you ain’t seen nothing yet. Are we resting on our resumé and accomplishments? No way. We’ve spent the last 10 years setting the bar high and now we’ll spend the next 10 proving that it was only the groundwork for a spectacular second decade.


Photos from the Early Days

About WBSD

We are a family-owned general contractor (CSLB # 939592) serving San Diego County and surrounding regions. As a veteran owned and operated firm, we serve our clients with the same commitment and pride we once served our country.

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